Bet on the Soccer World Cup 2018

Terms and Conditions

  1. This sweepstakes is organized and administered by Playzo GmbH.
  2. No purchase is necessary in order to enter. By participating in the Sweepstakes, the user accepts all applicable terms and conditions.
  3. Participation is open to persons residing in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Employees of Playzo GmbH and others involved in the design and implementation of the Sweepstakes are not eligible to participate. Participants of the sweepstakes is limited to the person that owns the email address that has was specified when registering for the Sweepstakes. It is per "participant", only one entry is possible; repeated participation can result in loss of eligibility at the discretion of Playzo GmbH.
  4. Only the prizes described in the Sweepstakes closer will be available and raffled to qualifying entrants. The draw will take place only among participants who have personally filled in the Sweepstakes entry form completely, properly and successfully sent to the Playzo GmbH. The entries must be received by Playzo GmbH no later than the submissions stated end date. Subsequent entries will not be considered in the draw. Playzo GmbH can not be held responsible for any technical malfunctions, failures residing in telephone networks, web networks, electronic or computer.
  5. The winner or winner(s) of a prize will be notified promptly after the draw by the email address used during registration. The winner has 14 days to acknowledge receipt of the winning notification and provide any additional information that may be needed. In the event that the conditions are not met, the winner forfeits are rights to the prize and a new winner may be chosen at the sole discretion of Playzo GmbH.
  6. The winner shall bear all cost resulting in winning a prize within the sweepstakes. This is not limited to only travel, food and lodging but as well as any shipping cost that may be incurred. For shipping damage, the playzo GmbH is not responsible.
  7. A cash exchange of the prize is not possible. The prizes are non transferable. The winner accepts any and all necessary changes to the prize that may arise
  8. The decisions made by Playzo GmbH are final. Inquires will not be answered. Playzo GmbH reserves the right to fully or partly suspend the competition, if any difficulties arise which may threaten the integrity of the Sweepstakes.
  9. Playzo GmbH further reserves the right to change these terms and conditions, without notice.
  10. Entrants will not hold Playzo GmbH, their officers, employees and agents from or in connection with the Sweepstakes, for whatever legal reason, to the extent permitted by law, limited to cases of intent or gross negligence, liable for any damages.
  11. The information submitted in this Sweepstakes will be used only for the purposes of the competition and will not be passed to third parties. All information relating to entrants made in ​​the Sweepstakes, are not recoverable and will be deleted after successful determination of winners, but no later than 12 months after the end of the competition.
  12. The decision is final