Bet on the Soccer World Cup 2018

Game Rules

  1. You can leave a tip for each individual matchup for the 2018 World Cup. This can be done for the second round as well, once it's clear who is matched.
  2. It's possible to bet on every outcome: win, loss or draw.You may also bet on the gates. This can be done all the way up till kick-off.
  3. Each correct bet (eg. win by the home team) is worth 5 points..
  4. A correct points spread bet is worth 3 points, while a darw is worth 0..
  5. If you called the correct number of gates for a home or visiting team, you will gain 1 point.
  6. A perfect result on all bets is worth 10 points.

With a total of 64 games, its possible to gain 640 points. We wish you success! Finally, soccer knowledge alone is not enough to win, but also a bit of luck must be there